I produced this animation while working for Perioperative Interactive Education. I collaborated with a team of surgeons and the UHN Patient and Family Education department. The objective of this animation was to promote living donor kidney transplant. The majority of patients with end-stage renal failure (kidney failure) do not realize that a transplant is an immediate option. There is a myth that you must be on dialysis for a number of years before considering a transplant, in this animation we wanted to break the myths surrounding kidney transplants. Our team also wanted to emphasize that patient outcome is often better when they receive a living donor kidney than a deceased donor kidney.

We thought a great way to tell the story was to have the patient ask questions in a “myth vs. fact” format. This was my first time doing lip sync-ing character animation which was something I’ve always wanted to try.

The animation is hosted on the University Health Network Multi-Organ Transplant website as well as on the TVASurg patient education website.

Intended Audience

Patients with end- stage renal failure.


Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe After Effects CS6

Intended Format