The Production Process

A brief breakdown and how I will work with you. If you'd like, contact me for more details!

Outlining your goals Outlining your goals

Together, we will discuss and outline the project goals, intended audience, project style, final deliverable.

Sketches and Revisions Sketches and Revisions

Depending on the project, I will be providing you with a sketch for illustration projects or a storyboard for animations. Scientific accuracy is important, at this stage, you will be looking over the content and we will be going through iterations to meet your needs

Delivery of Project Delivery of Project

Once you have approved the project drafts, I will move forward and bring the project to completion. Projects will be delivered in the file format and resolution that was agreed upon when we outlined your goals.

From the Blog

I will be posting tutorials and any other interesting tidbits and events that I encounter.

Preproduction storyboard of “Implantable cardioverter defibrillator”

Preproduction storyboard of “Implantable cardioverter defibrillator”

Posted on Jan 12, 2016 in Animation Preproduction

Some behind the scenes of an upcoming patient education video on “implantable cardioverter defibrillator”. Before diving into the 3D animation production process, a storyboard (sketches of the animation movement) is presented to clients for review. At this stage it is easier to make revisions than when the project is knee deep in the 3D computer […]

Season’s Greetings!

Season’s Greetings!

Posted on Dec 24, 2015 in After Effects, Uncategorized

At Perioperative Interactive Education, Mr. Skeleton is dressed to impress! We dress him up for all holiday occasions, but this year we forgot until the last minute. The department emptied out early in the afternoon on December 24th, so I made an impromptu stop motion animation while I waited for some scenes to render. Click […]

Behind the scenes: “Living donor kidney transplant”

Behind the scenes: “Living donor kidney transplant”

Posted on Sep 29, 2015 in After Effects, Animation Preproduction

Hi all, Creating the “Living donor kidney transplant” involved one of the largest teams that I have worked with so far. It was our team’s mission to drive home the fact that getting a living donor kidney transplant is one of the best treatment options for patients with end-stage renal (kidney) failure. TVASurg  (a team […]

A Little Bit About Me

There is nothing more that I would like to do than to be able to create effective visuals to better patient care, drive forth scientific research and translate knowledge between educators, students and experts. I graduated with a Master of Science in Biomedical Communications (MScBMC) at University of Toronto. MScBMC is one of the four internationally accredited programs that provides training for the profession of medical and scientific visualization. While completing my Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences, I helped develop an interactive identification key to stink bugs of Ontario. The identification key was published in the “Canadian Journal of Arthropod identification” and was made publicly available to Ontario farmers on the web. I also completed a research thesis on Synanthropic pest drosophilids found in crops and compost in Ontario. Completing my undergraduate thesis was where I was first introduced to the importance of utilizing illustrations as part of the research process. I have an abiding interest in new media technologies and would be excited to create model assets for immersive multimedia and serious gaming projects. In particular, I am curious about projects that revolve around fitness and rehabilitation treatments.

My Passions

Another overwhelming passion of mine is kendo. I competed as a National team member four times. At the World Kendo Championship (WKC) I placed top 16 for individuals (14th WKC 2009, Brazil), top 8 for teams (15th WKC 2012, Italy and 16th WKC 2015, Japan) and most recently, third place for teams (17th WKC, Korea). At nationals, my team placed first. I had the honour of being the assistant captain of the national team, which placed top 8 and third at the worlds. My experience as an athlete has taught me the value of working in a team. I always tell myself that limits are caused by a lack of imagination; that is a train of thought I have for both my sport and my everyday life.

Skills and Qualifications