The Virtual Interactive Case (VIC) System is a tool for creating interactive online clinical reasoning problems. Simulated clinical cases provide a bridge to patient care where students can practice clinical reasoning skills without the burden of the other aspects of patient interaction.
VIC cases begin with the presenting complaint, then users must assess the patient by determining the pertinent history and physical findings and results of diagnostic tests. They then select the diagnosis and management options and feedback is provided, along with a debriefing of their assessment showing their total score, time and cost compared to the optimal score time and cost for this case.
VIC allows rapid development of online simulations by modifying the VIC template ( My role was to produce drawings that can be implemented in building new VIC cases. I completed illustrations for various :

  • Environment (emergency room, bedside and clinic)
  • Genders (male, female)
  • Age groups (young and elderly)

A total of 11 sets of six illustrations were completed. Developers of VIC cases can choose from a library of illustrations I made available in a PDF and website gallery . They can then place the selected illustration in the upper right quadrant of the VIC template screen for each of the six tabs to show the context of the case.

A study of the construct validity of the VIC assessment score will be carried out by Marcus Law with 5 Family Medicine VIC cases in three groups: medical students, first year and final year Family Medicine residents.

Intended Audience

Medical students and residents at University of Toronto and around the world.


Adobe Photoshop CS6

Intended Format