This poster was created in collaboration with my colleague Erin Kenzie. I was responsible for the illustration and Erin took care of the text layout. The poster was for the Graduate and Life  as a graduate student recruitment poster. Our client was the Graduate and Life Sciences Education department at University of Toronto. We also did smaller poster versions that were distributed in both the University of Toronto Mississauga campus and St. George campus.

I wanted to choose a topic to illustrate that was interesting enough to have students stop for a while and examine the poster. I personally find images of blood clots extremely beautiful, with intricate web like firbin encasing red blood cells- for that reason I choose to depict blood clots to frame the text of the poster.

Intended Audience

Potential graduate students


Adobe Photoshop CS6

Intended Format

Poster print

Process Work

Coloured sketch without text overlay that was approved by the client.

GLSE coloured sketch