Mock Editorial Cover

Mock Editorial Cover

In 2012, the 3D crystal heterodimeric structure of CLOCK and BMAL1 was determined for the first time. When CLOCK and BMAL1 bind to each other inside cells, they set in motion a 24-hour biological cycle that controls blood pressure and metabolism. This biological cycle is known as the circadian rhythm. I played with the idea of depicting the cell as literal clock. The phospholipid bilayer of the cell membrane is represented by the metal framing and the organelles form the aesthetic metal work. Cytoplasm forms the glass face of the clock. I modeled the nucleus to appear as a beautiful golden hemisphere with melted edges. The nucleolus is at the very center of the clock controlling the handles. DNA is represented as the “gears” of the biological clock enabling the transcription needed to push forward the genetic events that coordinate the circadian rhythm. Hovering over the DNA gear, the CLOCK: BMAL1 heterodimers are represented in a metal ribbon format to look like the screws and springs of the clock

Intended Audience

General public, researchers


Maxon Cinema 4D R14, ePMV, Adobe
Photoshop CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6

Intended Format

Editorial cover

Process sketches

Preliminary pencil sketch


The gears and handles were outlined in Adobe Illustrator CS6 and then extruded and beveled in Cinema 4D. The rest of the piece was modeled in Cinema 4D. The final render was composited in Adobe Photoshop CS6, text and layout was done in Adobe Illustrator CS6.