Judging the Peel Science Animation Festival

Posted on Mar 15, 2014 in Volunteering/Charity events


I had the privilege of being a judge for the Peel Science Animation Contest. The entries were submitted by middle and secondary school students, it was great to see students communicating science through art! There were 22 entries in total and I was responsible for adjudicating the I-LEARN Challenge: Biology- Artificial selection process with my colleague Amanda Montenez. We judged the animation based on the animation’s scientific accuracy, references and how well the scientific concept was communicated to its target audience.

Creative outlets have helped me with my appreciation for science. I remember when I was in  middle school I was part of the Ontario Science Center Club (OSClub) where there were opportunities for me to problem solve in unconventional ways. I remember feeling excited to research and learn in order to sculpt models and illustrate visuals for the many mini projects I did as an OSClub member. I was happy to be able to foster creativity in education by being a judge for this competition. I was impressed with their use of VideoScribe to make whiteboard animations and other creative techniques that they implemented.

As one of the prizes, the winners of the contest got to visit the 21st Century Education and Careers Conference hosted by my department (Biomedical Communications at University of Toronto). Here they got to attend workshops and talks presented by my peers.

peel Science animation