Behind the scenes for “What is Heart Failure?”

Posted on Aug 23, 2015 in After Effects, Animation Preproduction, Tutorials

Hello internet folks!

“What is heart failure?” was the first 2d animation I created for Perioperative Interactive Education (I can’t believe I’ve worked there for a year now!).  I feel so lucky to be able to work on such fun projects all the time.

Just a few months ago I was pitching the idea of 2D motion graphic animations to a potential funding source. To make the client feel comfortable with us, I made a presentation that outlined the production process of creating one of these 2d motion graphic videos. I made sure to highlight the benefits of video content verses text pamphlets that were the usual go to resources available to patients.

1: Script writing
The initial script went through many revisions. The content expert for the project, Dr. Peter Mitoff, gave me an outline of key points he wanted to cover in the video. I wrote the first draft of the script which underwent several revisions and a lot of back and forth between the Patient and Family Education department at the University Health Network.

2: Style frames and storyboard

Next came style frames were important in letting my client see the artistic style I was going to use for the video. Once the style frame/character designs were approved, I moved forward with my storyboard.

3: Production

We got a professional voice actor, Rory O’Shea, to help us with our narration. He sent the audio file within a day, I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a narrator.

All the animation was done in After Effects. With every project, I make it a goal to give myself one challenge (they range from a new artistic style, trying a new technique, social media outreach or incorporating patient feedback) . For the “What is heart failure?” project I wanted to have smooth and slick object transitions. I found an awesome tutorial from my favourite motion graphic tutorial channel, Mt.Mograph.

Post-production: Adding sound effects

My favourite places to go for sound effects is the Youtube Audio Library and

Hope these resources will be helpful for you as well! Until next time, stay creative!