AE Camera Shake: Wiggle Expressions and Slider Controls

In this tutorial, I will go over how to produce a camera shake with wiggle expressions. Slider controls will be used to regulate the amount of shake you want.  I from a workshop at  Biomedical Communication Academic Meeting (BAM@TO).

I decided to give this shot a bit of a camera shake after getting some constructive feedback from Janice Wong (also from INVIVO) during my Industry Day. She thought that adding a bit of a camera shake would give more life to my shot and make it appear as though the camera is oscillating due to the cells that are passing by. Industry Day is when students from the Biomedical Communications program (MScBMC)get to showcase their work to companies in the medical illustration field.

Hope this tutorial will be helpful! Please leave any comments below if you have any questions or if you know a better way to do a camera shake!