Gr. 6 childhood doodles – my budding career

Posted on Aug 3, 2015 in Childhood Doodles



When I was younger, I thought it was important to brand myself and my artwork. As a budding artist at the age of 11, I designed my own logo and signed my art under the pen name “San-Man”.

Yes, my logo was an animated cheerful smelly poop that was sometimes pictured dancing. I even hand painted my own t-shirt because clothing apparel/ merchandise was vital to the success of my artistic career. Of course the shirt showcased my brand, the “San-Man” feces.

I felt it was important to sign all my work, here are some examples from my old sketchbook (these illustrations were from the green drawing book pictured below)

My “clients”, my fellow gr. 6 classmates, wanted some cute desk merchandise. I sold hand painted sculpted figurines for a dollar a pop. They were made with Super sculpey and took about over 10 hours to make. I hand painted each of these figurines with a double zero brush. As an 11 year old, it was my first “client base” and I was thrilled. I also once set my toaster oven on fire because I tried to support one of my sculpted figures with paper…in an oven…I wish I had a picture of that event. Of course, I had a pig excreting poop as one of my products. I was particularly fond of this one so I never sold it.pigsupersculpey